Hello world!


So finally……

I have been wanting to write a blog for so long but its taken me ages to just gather my get up and go and get it done!

I see so many high fashion blogs, beauty blogs, travel blogs and MOMMY blogs and they all seem to be either over the top aspirational (i’d love a £4000 dress by Chanel but lets be honest…..its unlikely i’m going to splash out any time soon) or completely irrelevant to me (nappies and teething rings not on my agenda for now at least!)

I’m a wife and I love being a wife.  I run my own small business. I enjoy loads of things from travelling and reading to shopping and DIY (supervising), all carried out to a varied soundtrack.  I am not in a pigeon hole although my posts will likely have some themes, especially in the early days when I reflect on things I’ve done rather than things that are happening.

For those of you that are normal ladies (like me) I hope you find my posts interesting and fun.  Feel free to comment – feedback is a gift after all!!

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